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Making .html behave like .asp
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If you don't want to rename your pages from .htm(l) to .asp here is a trick you may want to use.

IIS Allows you to change the way a page is read. you can instruct the IIS webserver to treat a html page just like it is an ASP page, but to do this you need to have access to the IIS control panel.

I am not aware of any method that is similar to the htaccess method of controlling what the web server does.

Assuming you can change the settings on your IIS server do the following...

Go to the IIS Plugin in Computer Management

Right Click on the website you wish to administer. and select properties.

Click on the Home Directory Tab and then the Configuration Button.

You should get a dialogue like this...

Add two new entries one for .html and one for .htm. apart from the extension part make them identical to the .asp entry

for my server this was...


Now simply add the ASP code to your index page. i.e. default.html or index.htm etc...

Point your browser to your web page. you should find it works a treat.

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